Non-Sufficient Funds

In the event of non-sufficient funds in a Member account when either a check is written or an ATM or debit card is used, the Credit Union offers two different services. 

If a Member has multiple accounts with the Credit Union, they may sign up to have funds automatically transferred to cover charges with no fee. Members can choose to use any savings account, money market account or a Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union Credit Card. If there are not sufficient funds in any of the accounts, the transaction will be declined. 


To add an account as overdraft protection:

Courtesy Pay allows the Credit Union to cover insufficient funds items on debit card purchases, point-of-sale (POS) transactions, ATM withdrawals, checks and ACH transactions, up to the approved limit. The charge for this service is $32 per covered overdraft transaction. This means instead of returning a check to the merchant because of insufficient funds, the Credit Union may process your transaction, saving you additional charges from the merchant. 


To have this benefit applied to ATM/debit card transactions, you must opt-in.

Courtesy Pay transactions are paid at the Credit Union's discretion and must be repaid within 45 calendar days.