Centsible Savings Program

Want a Painless Way to Save?

Open a Centsible Savings Account and each time a purchase is made with your Credit Union Visa® Debit Card, the total will be rounded to the nearest dollar amount. At the end of each day, the difference will be transferred from your checking account to your Centsible Savings Account. The best part is that balancing your checkbook will be a breeze thanks to perfect-cent endings!

Here are some examples of how you can save:

Daily Debit Card Purchases The Extra Change Saved When Rounded Up Amount Deducted From Checking Account Alert Me
$6.38 for lunch $0.62 $7.00
$34.05 for gas $0.95 $35.00
$91.78 for groceries $0.22 $92.00

The daily "round up" amounts will be totaled and debited from your checking account as one transaction at the end of the day. Using the example above, the total savings transferred into your Centsible Savings Account for that day would be $1.79.

The Centsible Savings Account earns dividends, allows withdrawals at any time, and does not have minimum balance fees. No other deposits can be made to this account other than the automatic "round up" amount.