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Business Accounts

Business Savings and Checking Accounts

Business Savings/Member-Managed Funds Accounts

Business savings accounts earn competitive dividend rates. The Member-Managed Funds Account provides the highest return on savings with up to six non-signature withdrawals allowed each month.

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Business Checking Accounts

The Credit Union offers free and preferred business checking accounts.

It’s easy to keep a close eye on Credit Union Business Checking accounts 24/7 through online banking. Access account information, print check copies, check on all past transactions, set up automatic transfers and much more.

Free bill pay allows you to schedule payments, set up automatic payments for recurring expenses, and save on stamps, checks, envelopes and gas used to go to the post office!

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Personalize your business debit and credit cards!

  • Business logo
  • Photo of your business
  • Or use a stock photo!

Image specifications:

  • Image can be jpeg, png, gif or tiff
  • Image must be at least 840 x 840 pixels and no more than 10 MB
  • Image must not contain copyrighted or inappropriate material

Each card is $40 and will be mailed to you 15 business days after submitting your order.

Your account must be in good standing with the Credit Union and funds available in the account at the time the order is placed. Cards will not be ordered if funds are not available.

Personalize your debit card Personalize your credit card

Business Checking Account Comparison

* Preferred accounts earn dividends with maintenance of $1,500 balance. Dividends not available with free account.
** Statements available electronically through online banking.
*** No monthly fee on preferred business checking account if $1,500 balance is maintained.