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About Us

Who We Are

Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union was founded in 1934 by a small group of TVA employees in the aftermath of the Great Depression. The country had just made it out of the worst economic period of the 20th century. Americans were trying to recover from one of the lowest unemployment rates in history. People were looking for places to save and borrow, and traditional banks weren’t providing what they needed. Many banks had shuttered their doors, and the ones that remained were strictly serving those with large investments. This small group of TVA employees recognized this gap and formed KTVAECU® as a financial cooperative to help the average American.  KTVAECU was built on “People Helping People,” and that philosophy has driven us through almost 100 years of growth.

KTVAECU was chartered to be a safe place to save and borrow money. And even though many years have passed since our inauguration in 1934, we remain true to those founding principles and believe more strongly than ever in the power of “People Helping People.

We continue to introduce new services, more delivery channels, and more products to stay current and relevant to our Member base. What started as a small financial cooperative for employees of TVA has transformed into 24 branch locations serving over 200,000 Members. Throughout all the years and changes, our mission remains the same; to serve our Members and help them grow financially.