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Personal Loans


Sometimes, life comes at you fast. Whether you have an unexpected expense or need to make a bigger purchase, we have a personal loan for YOU.  

EasyWe’ve made the application process easier than ever! You can apply for most of our personal loans online or over the phone, and many of our branches have dedicated Loan Officers ready to help you apply!

QuickOur loans are processed in-house, so there’s no waiting on an out-of-state committee to make the decision. Many times, you will receive your answer on the same day as your application!

ConvenientWe offer multiple ways to pay your loan, so you can get back to life.


Share Secured Loans4

Share Secured Loans are another way to build or rebuild credit while also being extremely low risk.

How it Works: With a Share Secured Loan, you pledge a matching amount of funds in your account. We put these funds on hold and give them back to you in the form of a loan. As you pay off your loan, the funds (minus interest) become available in your account. Because your loan is “secured” by funds in the account, the risk is low. Just like the Credit Builder Loan, each time you make a payment, we report it to the credit bureaus, which will build your credit. Your funds will also accumulate dividends, depending on which savings account or certificate you have it in.

Signature Loans5

Signature Loans are one of the most versatile loan products we offer. They can be used for vacations, furniture, car repairs, and much more!

How it Works: When you get a Signature Loan, you borrow all the funds at once and pay it back over a predetermined period of time. Signature Loans are an unsecured personal loan, so you don’t need to have matching funds or collateral. Approval and limits are based on credit score and financial soundness.


Life is unpredictable. Debt Protection with TruStage™ offers a safety net for your loans during unexpected life events such as illness, hospitalization, loss of life, and more. Debt Protection can be added anytime during the life of the loan and can offer peace of mind for yourself and your family members.

For more information or to add Payment Protection, call us at (865) 544-5400.


Member accounts in good standing can apply to Skip-A-Payment for a $35.00 fee after making at least three payments on their loan. Skip-A-Payment can be used two times per 12-month period.