Jump start savings account - click for details

Jump start your child’s savings by opening a Jump Start Savings Account! The Jump Start Savings Account is available to anyone 17 and under and earns an annual percentage yield of 3.00% on up to $500.00. Any amount over $500 will earn dividends based on the regular rate.


Learn to Save

Opening your child’s first savings account is easy! It shows them how the Credit Union works! As a parent, you are a joint owner on the account, allowing you to manage your child’s finances until they are ready to do so on their own. The Jump Start Savings Account can teach your child how money grows, accumulating money from birthdays, holidays and allowances while earning a high-dividend rate. Teaching good saving habits while your child is young can set them up for success in the future. 


Managing Money

The way you manage money affects all areas of your life, but many people struggle to manage it well. Learning to manage money at a young age gives a child smart money habits they can use throughout their life. Opening a Jump Start Savings Account allows your child to learn basic money management like depositing, withdrawing and earning dividends. Use online banking or a check register to make keeping up with the account balance simple!



Many scholarships and grants are available, but college students can feel a financial burden from books and supplies or housing expenses as well! Keep college savings on track by starting your child’s savings early!