Most of the time, people hate the thought of renting because they’re worried it won’t feel like home. Just because you don’t own the place, doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it. You just have to be a little creative. It’s no secret that young adults are moving towards a more mobile lifestyle. They enjoy being able to pack up belongings without worrying about selling a house before moving on to the next adventure.

This nomadic lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up feeling at home in your rental property. We’ve scoured the internet and added in our own experience to complete a list of things that have helped move from one adventure to the next.


Invest in Good Furniture

If you can’t afford nice furniture, don’t go into debt to do this one. Only buy what you can afford. Some of the best pieces we’ve found have been on Craigslist or at Goodwill. Stop buying terrible furniture because you don’t know if your stuff will fit in your next place. Unless you plan on moving to downtown NYC, you will probably have room for a normal-sized couch and chair.


Take Advantage of Temporary Fixes

Have you heard of temporary wallpaper? If not, head to Google now. Seriously. It doesn’t mess up walls and you can take it from place to place with you. No more staring at plain white walls, or beige if your landlord splurged, in each new place.


Create Your Own Art Gallery

Get prints of your favorite pieces of art, put them in cheap frames, and hang them on a wall. If you aren’t a huge fan of any artists, be a fan of your own. There are tons of websites that will print your Instagram photos for you, filter and all. Find one you like and create your feed on your wall.


Stop Using Blinds

Don’t get me wrong, blinds are fine. Curtains are better. We wouldn’t suggest trying to take the blinds down, just cover the plain white things with a colorful set of curtains. Depending on how you hang them, it could also make your small living room seem bigger.


Hide What You Hate

Is there a weird cutout in one of the walls or a strange nook in your living room? Hang a curtain, chalkboard, or painting in front of it so you aren’t staring at it every day. Trust us, it’ll start to eat at you if you don’t.