To start using MoneyDesktop, log in to Online Banking.

  • Select MoneyDesktop
  • Select Get Started.

You will be redirected to the main page. From here, pick which tools you want to start using first!


The Accounts tool allows you to see an overview of all your accounts. You can see each account and its balance. If you click on an account, you will see more details. This page is also where you can add new accounts.

How to add an account:

  • To add a new account to your MoneyDesktop, select Add an Account.
  • Select Continue.
  • Find the financial institution where the account is by searching it on the search bar.
  • Once you’ve found the right institution, you will be asked to sign in through that institution’s website.
  • You will then be asked to authorize sharing with MoneyDesktop. Select Yes to allow sharing.

Your new account will now show up on the Accounts page!


MoneyDesktop lets you see all your transactions.  

  • Select Transactions to view them.
  • You can select specific accounts by selecting Filter Accounts.

Transactions are automatically organized into categories such as food, clothing, gas, and more. If a transaction is not categorized or in the wrong category, select the transaction, then click on the category, and select the correct one. You can also search for transactions by using the search bar at the top of the page.


The Spending tool shows your transactions in the form of a graph. You can select each category to see the dollar amount spent. You can filter specific accounts by selecting Filter Accounts. To see your income broken down the same way, select Income.


One of the best ways to start managing your money is to see where it’s going on a consistent basis. The Trends tool automatically breaks down your spending into categories and lets you see how they’re changing over time.

Select Trends to start using this tool. Choose a spending category to see more specific breakdowns. You can even view specific transactions for each category!


The Budgets tool lets you set budgets in specific categories and tracks your progress in real-time!

  • To add a new budget, click Add New Budget.
  • Pick what category you’re making the budget for.
  • Enter what spending limit you would like to set.
  • Click Save.

This new budget will now show up on the Budgets screen. You can check the status of your budgets at any time, and it’s easy to modify or edit your budget as your goals change over time.


MoneyDesktop allows you to set unique goals and watch your progress!

  • Select Goals.
  • To add a new goal, select Add a Goal.
  • You will see three categories: Savings, Debt Payoff, and Retirement. Choose which category you would like to set this goal for.

From here, you can name your goal, set the amount you would like to save, and even select the account it will go into! You can edit your goals at any time by clicking on them.


The Debts tool keeps track of any active loans you have added to MoneyDesktop. You can view one loan at a time, or you can organize them based on account, balances, or payoffs.

You can add more details like your monthly payment, interest rate, and original balance for the most up-to-date information.


Net worth is like a personal balance sheet. It’s the difference of what your own, minus what you owe. The Net Worth tool keeps track of your net worth in real-time.

Take control of your finances with MoneyDesktop, today!