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  • How to Beat the Heat This Summer

    2018-07-23 | Blog

    Summertime in East Tennessee is a great time to explore the outdoors, but the heat gets to be a bit much at times. If you’re looking for a way to cool off, check out these four ideas! 

  • How a HELOC Can Help with Home Improvements

    2018-07-16 | Blog

    Tired of sharing a bathroom? Break free from small spaces with a Home Equity Line of Credit. Uncover what a HELOC is and ways to use it below! 

  • How Transferring Your Credit Card Balance Can Free Up Some Cash

    2018-06-28 | Blog

    Paying high interest rates on your credit card balances? You can easily transfer your balance to a lower rate credit card and leave those high interest rates behind! Check out a few benefits of transferring your high-rate credit card balance.

  • Boost Your Savings with Our Savings Special

    2018-06-25 | Blog

    Saving for something special? Check out our new savings special designed to help you save more, faster! We’ve also outlined some advantages to this special that will help you save now and in the future.

  • Backyard BBQ

    How to Create a Backyard Getaway on a Budget

    2018-06-12 | Blog

    The weather is warm, which means it’s time to step outside and enjoy the great outdoors of East Tennessee. The front yard may be the main display of your home, but the backyard is your own shrine for entertainment and relaxation. With a few additions, you can have your own mini vacation without ever leaving your backyard! Below are some tips to help you create a backyard getaway on a budget.

  • Buying a Home

    Tips to Help You Buy a Home

    2018-06-06 | Blog

    Thinking about buying a house but aren’t sure where to start? Don’t worry! Below are a few tips to help you prepare for the home buying process!

  • Best Trails for a Family Hike

    2018-05-18 | Blog

    Ah, Spring is in the air! What a remarkable time to live in East Tennessee! The mountains are always gorgeous this time of year, and we have the luxury of them being in our backyard. It's time to take advantage of this and have some fun with the family. Hiking is the perfect family adventure! It's a great way to enjoy the scenery and get a little exercise, too. So, when you're looking for a family activity, be sure to check out some of these spots!

  • How to Help Your Kids Save for College

    2018-05-18 | Blog

    Plain and simple, college can be an expensive investment, and it's more than just tuition. After adding in books, supplies, room and board, the cost of college can escalate quickly. The average yearly budget for in in-state public college is $25,290, and the number doubles for a private college. Whether your children are toddlers or already in high school, taking small steps now could mean big dreams later. Below are a few simple ways Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union can help prepare for those dreams!

  • Smoky Mountains

    Best Camping Destinations in East Tennessee

    2018-05-15 | Blog

    There's nothing like settling in for a cozy night next to a campfire and the beautiful open skies of East Tennessee. No matter what kind of experience you're searching for, here's some great camping destinations for every style of camper.

  • Summer Vacation

    6 Tips for Traveling Safely with Your Money

    2018-05-04 | Blog

    With warm weather ahead, the coming months are prime to take a vacation and relax for a few days. You're probably anxiously counting down the days to your vacation. After all your hard work throughout the year, you deserve a break to have some fun! With all the fun vacations bring, don't forget to keep your money safe while you travel.

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